Why Ebay Hair Extensions Are Just Plain Scary

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Who doesn’t want to save money? It’s always at the top of the list, isn’t it? But saving money doesn’t always mean spending the least amount you can and hoping you haven’t gotten ripped off. Case in point. The hair extensions you, as a consumer, can buy on Ebay or in a beauty store. Most of these extensions are not premium quality human hair. While some of these extensions are made of human hair, they are worlds away from the superior quality of in-salon extensions that ensures long lasting, shiny hair with a guarantee of healthier looking...

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Get Your Vitamin C This Way

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You know it’s important to eat fruits and vegetables to get a good source of Vitamin C. Without this crucial vitamin your health becomes severely compromised. But did you know that for the best anti-aging results, it’s best to get your vitamin C topically? You simply can’t safely ingest enough of it to get the desired results. And the results are nothing short of amazing! This powerful antioxidant slows free radical damage, those pesky, unstable molecules that damage collagen, cause skin dryness, fine lines and wrinkles. But there is a catch....

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Vanity As A Virtue?

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As you know, when you’re really young, you don’t consider the consequences of too much sun, tanning beds, smoking or drinking. Youth believe they are invincible. So how do you get through? According to Dr. Michele Green, a dermatologist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City, you show them. “Young people are not concerned, for the most part, with their own mortality. The idea of ‘cancer’ seems miles away and not a consequence of their actions today,” she said. But if you can show them that their actions are causing...

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Hot Short Hairstyles For A Sultry, Sexy Look

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More and more celebrities are choosing shorter hair lengths so they can showcase their facial features. Vanessa Hudgens is one of them. Her naturally curly hair is layered, cropped and pulled away from her face. The emphasis is on her cheekbones and her eyes. It’s a beautiful look! Keira Knightly has always followed her heart when it comes to her hair. Now with a classic bob, she, too, shows off her dynamite cheekbones and beautiful eyes. Honestly, is there a hairstyle that doesn’t look good on Cate Blanchett? This cut isn’t as short as a...

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How Much Hair Loss Is Normal?

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Wondering if you’re losing a little more hair than normal? Most people shed between 50-100 strands each day, 250 strands on shampoo days. But if you’re worried that you’re losing more than that, there are two obvious signs you may be ignoring: • An unusually large amount of hair on your pillow when you wake up in the morning • Combing your hair (without tugging) leaves a large quantity on your comb The causes of hair loss are many! Age, genetics, and hormones are just some of the culprits. The trick is to catch hair loss before the hair...

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Beauty Tips To Take To Bed

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You’ve been working hard and you’re just plain tired. Now the comfort of your bed is calling to you. ZZZZZZZZ… Before you fall into dreamland, please do these four simple, quick steps. You can do them in under 5 minutes! Get rid of the day’s make-up, pollution, dirt and stress— wash your face . But please use the cleanser that’s right for your skin. Avoiding this one step grinds make-up into your skin, causing breakouts, stretching pores, and aging you. Add a Vitamin A product. Over time, collagen production in your skin decreases. If it...

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Teaching Your Child Healthy Hair Care Habits

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Many things that we do to style our hair actually damage our hair. Over the years, this damage can accumulate, leading to unhealthy and unattractive hair. The best way to prevent unhealthy hair is to teach children healthy habits for taking care of their hair. To help kids develop good hair-care habits that help prevent hair damage, dermatologists give parents the following tips: • Make braids and ponytails loose and use covered rubber bands. • Consider styles that don’t require heat and chemical treatments. • When using heat on hair, lower...

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Why Winter Feels Like A Never Ending Monday

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In summer, we celebrate the endless days of light and sunshine. But winter? Each cold and cloudy day is just one more date to mark off on the calendar. How many more days until Spring? Brrrr! It’s no wonder that depression and suicide rates go up as sunlight and temperatures drop. That’s why it’s so important to take additional self-care measures to carry you through the cold season. 1. Increase your vitamin D. Sunlight levels are less in the winter, but get as much of it as you can and increase your vitamin D. It helps to increase energy...

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Getting To The Root Of Oily Hair

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Oily hair is so frustrating! Greasy strands and over-styling can just make you want to scream. If dry shampoo isn’t your friend, it’s time to include it and here’s why. Oil, or sebum, is generally solid at room temperature, but it starts to melt at body temperature. That’s why hair is greasiest at the roots. A dry shampoo gives your hair much needed oil relief, as well as body, volume, and shine. But what else can you do to tame that oily mane? Here are a few suggestions: – Avoid aggressive shampooing. Aggressive shampooing not only...

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Do You Have To Be A Celebrity To Have Skin Like This?

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Do you despair that only the rich and famous can have gorgeous skin? Dear…dear…It’s time we had a talk! Intense Pulsed Light therapy can make a dramatic difference in your skin and how you think of yourself. It rejuvenates, restores and smoothes out uneven skin tone, reducing or eliminating a great number of age-related problems. And the down time is practically non-existent! Why? Because the light marches right past your epidermis, which is the outer layer of your skin. It then gently heats the cells of your dermis, the deeper layer of your...

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