7 Secrets That Are Okay To Tell Your Aesthetician

Lissa Logan

“I just want a facial,” the woman said with irritation. “I don’t know why you need to know that.”

And there you have it. The universal challenge of every aesthetician on planet Earth: helping clients understand that facials are much more than a “feel good, look good” treatment.

Facials work with the largest organ of your body: the skin. Every medication you take as well as your lifestyle choices—even your emotions—are filtered through your skin.

That’s why aestheticians ask those pesky questions! The better she understands you, the better she understands your skin and how to treat it.

So without further adieu, here are 7 questions that signal you’re working with a professional:

– What’s your at-home skin care routine?

– What prescription medications are you taking? Any topicals like Retin A?

– Any health problems?

– Any adverse reactions to products or ingredients?

– Your lifestyle: Do you smoke? If so, how much? Do you eat a lot of processed foods?

– When was the last time you had a facial?

– Are you currently seeing a dermatologist?

There you have it. Seven questions that signal you’re working with a professional.

And remember, even if your esthetician has been working with you for a long time, she will still want to be updated on any changes to your health.

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