Don’t Panic If Your Child Has Head Lice! By Expertease for Hair & Beauty Call Us On 08 9418 8874

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Don’t Panic If Your Child Has Head Lice! By Expertease for Hair & Beauty Call Us On 08 9418 8874

No parent ever wants to deal with head lice. The very thought is disgusting, isn’t it?

But it happens.

Panicking won’t solve anything, but it could cause you to over treat the problem as well as create anxiety in your child. (“I’ve got bugs in my hair!”)

If it does happen, you need to know right away that head lice are not caused by a lack of good hygiene. That’s a myth.

Nor is it transferred to or from pets. It’s strictly a human infestation that is passed directly with head-to-head contact.

That’s why it’s commonly seen in youngsters 3-11 years of age. Children like to huddle together to tell secrets, hug, or put their heads together to read a book.

Certainly, you don’t want t to teach your child to be phobic about touching other kids. Just teach them that some things are not meant for sharing. For example, brush, comb, scarves and hats.

To treat head lice, purchase an anti-lice shampoo such as Rid or Nix. Shampoo and leave in for one-minute, then rinse out. Follow up with a second shampoo seven days later. This is extremely important because it will kill any eggs that were hatched in the interim. (Yes, it’s gross to think about it!)

While your child’s hair is still wet, comb the hair with a lice comb to pull out the nits, or eggs.

If shampooing with over-the-counter anti-lice shampoo does not kill the infestation, consult your pediatrician for a stronger product.

Remember, head lice are the equivalent of fleas on pets. It’s not the end of the world. With treatment, you’ll get through this just fine.

Don’t Panic If Your Child Has Head Lice! – Call Us On 08 9418 8874

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