Getting To The Root Of Oily Hair

Lissa Logan

Oily hair is so frustrating! Greasy strands and over-styling can just make you want to scream. If dry shampoo isn’t your friend, it’s time to include it and here’s why.

Oil, or sebum, is generally solid at room temperature, but it starts to melt at body temperature. That’s why hair is greasiest at the roots.

A dry shampoo gives your hair much needed oil relief, as well as body, volume, and shine.

But what else can you do to tame that oily mane? Here are a few suggestions:

– Avoid aggressive shampooing. Aggressive shampooing not only strips your hair of oil, it roughs up your hair’s cuticle layer. This just causes your hair to create more oil to replace what was stripped. Opt for a gentle cleanser.

– Exfoliate your scalp. Use an exfoliating shampoo to flush out dirt and dry skin that clogs your hair pores, reducing oily build up without stripping your hair. It also increases shine and bounce! And don’t forget to gently massage your scalp with the pads of your fingers.

– Add vitamins A & D to your diet. These two vitamins specifically have been shown to reduce the production of sebum. You do need to be careful with the amount, so check with your dermatologist first!

– Styling Products For Oily Hair. Remember to be careful with excessive use of products. Silicone-based products and hydrating masks are excellent hair care products but can weigh down oily hair. Moderation is key!

Genetic predisposition, hormones, and the weather can lead to greasy hair. Thankfully, you’ve got options, including our expertise. Use it!

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