Is It Worth Getting A Brazilian? By Expertease for Hair & Beauty Call Us On 08 9418 8874

Lissa Logan

Is It Worth Getting A Brazilian? By Expertease for Hair & Beauty Call Us On 08 9418 8874

Some women can’t bear the thought of one others can’t live without it. Like everything in life, waxing any part of your body is a choice.

And if you’re a diehard Brazilian fan or you’re just thinking about it, there are some essential facts you need to know before getting your next Brazilian. Let’s take a look at some of them.

The Pain Factor—Brazilians are uncomfortable. However, an experienced aesthetician minimizes your discomfort and the possible irritation during hair removal. Here at Expertease for Hair, we use top quality wax that adheres only to the hair, not your skin. In addition, we also use a pre-wax oil to soften your skin and further reduce irritation.

Our waxing technicians are trained and experienced—This is key! Our technicians know what they are doing and they do it extremely well. For you, that means the process is fast, usually 15-30 minutes, which minimizes discomfort.

Our wax is less irritating than other salon waxes. It is hypoallergenic, extremely flexible and will not get brittle or crack on your skin! This reduces your discomfort and speeds the whole procedure.

We use a specific waxing technique just for Brazilians. This technique, part of our on-going training, makes the whole procedure fast, as well as effective.

We are also vigilant about cleanliness—yours and ours! We use antiseptic products that reduce the remote chance of spreading bacteria, fungi and viruses by 99%.

Our experience, education and commitment allow you to relax and enjoy superb results!

Is It Worth Getting A Brazilian? – Call Us On 08 9418 8874

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