The Easy Way To Get Volume And Body

Lissa Logan

Love the volume, body, and style of your salon blowouts?

Well, you don’t have to wait until your haircut to get it. In addition to our full menu of salon services, you can get our blow out service, too.

Women often come in because they want an extra shot of style and confidence. They find it pays off far more than an extra bowl of ice cream.

What do you like:

• Tousled?
• Board straight?
• Curly?
• Wavy?

Just let us know and we’ll shampoo, blow dry, and style it for you. Not to mention, a hair analysis and fabulous scalp massage.

And you’ll always get lots of volume and body! Easy-peasy. Relax while we share our product recommendations to keep the style love going when you’re at home.

You leave feeling and looking like a million bucks! That’s better than a bowl of ice cream any day.

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